Boarding Kennels

Four separate kennel blocks, with various run sizes to suit single or multiple boarders.

Indoor and outdoor runs-linked by sliding hatches to allow dogs free access to both areas.Kennels built of brick with sealed flooring and double glazed windows.All ceilings fully insulated.Kennel runs are secured with galvanised steel doors and dividers.All outdoor runs are fully covered with perspex sheeting.

Full ,oil fired central heating with thermostatic control day and night-perfect for winter the summer full air conditioning is provided for all kennels.
Central reception area,purpose built kitchen and food storage facility.Two separate isolation pens are available for nervous or older dogs requiring special care.Outside there are seven large off lead exercise areas where dogs are able to run freely.These combine grass and paved surfaces.

We now have a separate 5 kennel care facility complete with a fully enclosed solid paved excercise area and full central heating.

ALL DOGS MUST BE VACCINATED – an up to date vaccination certificate must be produced when you board your dog.Please ensure the following vaccinations are in force:-Leptospirosis,Canine hepititis,Distemper & Canine Parvo Virus. We also advise vaccination for infectious bronchitis – kennel cough(Bordetella bronchiseptica).Please ensure vaccine administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding your dog.

Please consider the following when boarding your dog:
  • A note of his or her diet
  • Habits and ailments-if any.
  • Details of your vet.
  • Emergency telephone number of a friend or relative.
  • Beds,blankets,toys and treats are welcome.
Daily Boarding Rates for 2020

Charges are all inclusive of vat,and are for part or full day that the dog is boarded:-

  • Small (Yorkie) £12.50
  • Medium (Cocker) £12.75           
  • Large (Lab/G.S.D) £13.00
  • Additional dog sharing a kennel £5.00 

Shared rate is based on largest dog occupying kennel + additional £5.00                           

Special rates for groups of 3 or more dogs using the kennels, call us for details

The Kennels are open for viewing and boarding between 8am & 6pm Monday to Saturday & 9am to 6pm Sundays.

Why not have your dog bathed during their stay?

We will bath them for an extra days boarding fee, please let us know when making boarding arrangements.